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Binding/tie downs - transport and accessories

Binding/tie downs - transport and accessories

Binding consists of proper positioning of loads and retaining them against platforms and / or walls of a transport vehicle via appropriate means, to prevent goods from moving or falling during transport. Load arrangement, clamping and locking devices, securing devices and / or systems must all be considered.
The Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation, as part of the Highway Safety code, applies to road vehicles and combinations of road vehicles and is intended to ensure the safety of road users and to protect road infrastructures (roads and bridges). The Regulation sets various standards limiting, among others, dimensions, loads per axle group and the total mass of road vehicles on public roads.
During a thaw, load restrictions are based on geographical areas. All information regarding permitted load standards are also in the Guide des Normes de Charges et dimensions des véhicules. For more information, please contact the information service at the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

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