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Le Groupe LAM-É St-Pierre and its employees are committed to 100% customer satisfaction as designer, manufacturer, and distributor of lifting and binding accessories.

Le Groupe LAM-É St-Pierre, at your service since 1951 in Montréal, 1987 in Québec, 2001 in Saguenay

    • 60 years of experience in the industry
    • A sales force of over 25 people
    • Over 125 employees
    • Complete inspection, repair, certification and training services
    • Engineering and design
    • Assembly and production
    • Manufacture of round slings
    • Made to order items
    • Magnetic testing and load testing
    • ISO standards
    • Delivery service
    • Specialized assembly
    • Specialized labels
    • Substitutes or equivalents
    • Sending order status to clients